We are a full service Tattoo and Piercing Studio. With over 45 years experience in the industry and our artists making appearances ranging from the US to Europe we can conquer any tattoo. No tattoo is too big or small. Whether your idea is black and grey, color, a simple character or a portrait; the staff at Expressive Ink is more than capable of capturing your idea and making it a permanent piece of art for you on your body. Every piece is given 100% of our attention to detail and effort. No piece is taken lightly; after all, this is forever!

Your Skin Is Our Reputation

Those words are the truth and not just some tag line. We stand by our work and are only as good as our last piece. To let you leave here with something less than perfect is unacceptable. You become a walking billboard and talking advertisement for us. The best advertisement we can place is our work on you. Our reputation speaks for itself. We take pride in what we do and absolutely love it. This isn’t “work” for us; it is a passion. At Expressive Ink you are going to get a great tattoo at a fair price and hopefully you will like your artist. If we can provide that, we know you will be a customer of ours for life and hopefully so will your friends and family.